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Author(s)TitleIssue DateType
Qassim, Raad Yahya; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaApplication of the boundary-value technique to singular perturbation problems at high Reynolds numbers30-Jun-2004Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaAn asymptotic solution for transpired incompressible turbulent boundary layers28-Feb-2003Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaAn extension of the transpired skin-friction equation to compressible turbulent boundary layers28-Feb-2003Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaAn asymptotic approach for shock-wave/transpired turbulent boundary layer interactions1-Jul-1988Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão Silva; Hirata, Miguel HirooApproximate solutions to singular perturbation problems: The intermediate variable technique30-Jun-2004Artigo
Medeiros, Marcello Augusto Faraco de; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaThe transfer of heat in turbulent boundary layers with injection or suction: universal laws and Stanton number equations4-Mar-2003Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão Silva; Cruz, Daniel Onofre de Almeida; Pellegrini, Cláudio de CastroVelocity and temperature distributions in compressible turbulent boundary layers with heat and mass transfer7-Mar-2000Artigo
Cruz, Daniel Onofre de Almeida; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaOn single limits and the asymptotic behaviour of separating turbulent boundary layers5-Aug-1998Artigo
Barbosa, P. H. A.; Cataldi, Marcio; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaWind tunnel simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flowsJul-2002Artigo
Avelino, Mila Rosendahl; Freire, Atila Pantaleão Silva; Santos, Luiz Claudio C.The State of the Art in Turbulence Modelling in Brazil20-Mar-1998Artigo
Loureiro, Juliana Braga Rodrigues; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaExperimental Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layers over Steep Two-dimensional Elevations24-Aug-2005Artigo
Guerra, Danielle Regina da Silva; Su, Jian; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaThe near wall behavior of an impinging jet27-Apr-2005Artigo
Brasil, Wagner Machado; Su, Jian; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaAn inverse problem for the estimation of upstream velocity profiles in an incompressible turbulent boundary layer4-Nov-2003Artigo
Su, Jian; Freire, Atila Pantaleão SilvaAnalytical prediction of friction factors and Nusselt numbers of turbulent forced convection in rod bundles with smooth and rough surfaces2-May-2002Artigo
Freire, Atila Pantaleão Silva; Miranda, Davi D'Elia; Luz, Leonardo Müller Sarcinelli; França, Guilherme Foerster do MonteBubble plumes and the Coanda effect14-May-2002Artigo