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Type: Relatório
Title: (L, U): bounded priority queues and the codification of Rényi k-Trees
Author(s)/Inventor(s): Markenzon, Lilian
Pires, Oswaldo Vernet de Souza
Pereira, Paulo Renato C
Abstract: We introduce in this paper a data structure named (L, U)- bounded priority queue, which particularizes priority queues in two aspects: the priorities associated to the elements must be integer numbers constrained to a predefined interval and, in a sequence of operations, no more than one Insert can immediatly follow a DeleteMin. This data structure is used in the development of efficient algorithms for coding and decoding Rényi k-trees.
Keywords: Estruturas de dados k-trees
Production unit: Instituto Tércio Pacitti de Aplicações e Pesquisas Computacionais
In: Relatório técnico NCE
Issue: 0505
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2005
Publisher country: Brasil
Language: eng
Right access: Acesso Aberto
Citation: MARKENZON, L.; PIRES, O. V. de S.; PEREIRA, P. R. C. (L, U): bounded priority queues and the codification of Rényi k-Trees . Rio de Janeiro: NCE/UFRJ, 2005. 11 p. (Relatório Técnico, 05/05)
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