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Type: Relatório
Title: On computing all maximal cliques distributedly
Author(s)/Inventor(s): Protti, Fábio
Szwarcfiter, Jayme Luiz
França, Felipe Maia Galvão
Abstract: A distributed algorithm is presented for generating all maximal cIiques in a network graph, based on the sequential version of Tsukiyama et al. [TIAS77]. The time complexity of the proposed approach is restricted to the induced neighborhood of a node, and the communication complexity is O( md) where m is the number of connections, and d is the maximum degree in the graph. Messages are O(log n ) bits long, where n is the number of nodes (processors) in the system. As an appIication, a distributed algorithm for constructing the clique graph k( G) from a given network graph G is developed within the scope of dynamic transformations of topologies.
Keywords: Algoritmos
Sistemas distribuídos
Distributed algoritms
Production unit: Instituto Tércio Pacitti de Aplicações e Pesquisas Computacionais
In: Relatório Técnico NCE
Issue: 0197
Issue Date: 31-Dec-1997
Publisher country: Brasil
Language: eng
Right access: Acesso Aberto
Citation: PROTTI, F.; FRANÇA, F. M. G.; SZWARCFITER, J. L. On computing all maximal cliques distributedly. Rio de Janeiro: NCE, UFRJ, 1997. 12 p. (Relatório Técnico, 01/97)
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