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dc.contributor.advisorOberhofer , Cecília Alves-
dc.contributor.authorDillan , Kristine Victoria-
dc.description.abstractThe study aims a behavior analysis involving the technical personnel of the Foundation of Science and Technology-CIENTEC in their search for and use of the information sought, as well as the evaluation of the quality of the bibliographic material available at the Documentation and Information Center-DI and the services rendered by the above mentioned Information Center Three assumptions were made: 1) the use for informal channels is predominant; 2) there is a communication network among the technicians, where internal contacts are predominant; 3) the level and the services rendered by DI according to the opinion of the population interviewed during our study are ranked as good The personnel approached (n = 70) were chosen withing the areas of engineering, chemistry, industrial chemistry,economics, geology, natural history Two instruments of data compilation are used: questionnaires and interviews. These instruments, notwithstanding certain flaws, proved to be efficacious in terms of the obtention of the necessary data for the purposes of study. The critical incident technique is adopted when questions posed aim an insight of the behavior pattern of those interviewed and their use of the information sought The results obtained point out that: a) members of the group under study make use predominantly of formal channels in their search for information (rejection of assumption 1); b) the technical communication network at CIENTEC showed the existence of internal and external contacts. External contacts are more frequent than internal ones (partial confirmation of assumption 2); c) the disposition of collections and catalogs, as well as the services rendered by DI to the users, are ranked as GOOD. The same was not observed regarding the collections, which were ranked as REGULAR regarding the fulfillment of information needs (partial confirmation of assumption 3).pt_BR
dc.publisherUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiropt_BR
dc.rightsAcesso Abertopt_BR
dc.subjectCiência da informaçãopt_BR
dc.subjectCIENTEC - Fundação de ciência e tecnologiapt_BR
dc.subjectEstudo de usuáriospt_BR
dc.subjectAcesso à informaçãopt_BR
dc.titleHábitos de obtenção e uso da informação : técnicos da Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia (CIENTEC)pt_BR
dc.description.resumoObtenção e uso da informação pelos técnicos da CIENTEC e avaliação dos serviços e da qualidade do acervo bibliográfico do Núcleo de Documentação e Informação. Premissas: 1) haveria predominância no uso de canais informais; 2) existiria uma rede de comunicação entre os técnicos, onde predominariam os contatos internos, 3) o acervo e os serviços prestados no DI teriam bom desempenho. Usou-se a técnica do incidente critico. Conclusões: a) na busca da informação utilizaram-se sobretudo os canais formais (rejeição da premissa 1); b) a rede de comunicação técnica na CIENTEC, os contatos externos são algo mais frequentes que os internos (confirmação parcial da premissa 2); c) o arranjo de coleções e catálogos foi considerado BOM; o atendimento também, exceto quanto os das coleções, apenas REGULAR (confirmação parcial da premissa 3).pt_BR
dc.publisher.departmentEscola de Comunicaçãopt_BR
dc.publisher.programPós-Graduação em Ciência da Informaçãopt_BR
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