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Type: Relatório
Title: CONTROLAB MUFA: a multi-level fusion architecture for intelligent navigation of a telerobot
Author(s)/Inventor(s): Aude, Eliana Prado Lopes
Carneiro, G. H. M. B.
Serdeira, Henrique
Silveira, Julio Tadeu Carvalho
Martins, Mario Ferreira
Lopes, Emerson Prado
Abstract: This paper proposes a MUlti-level Fusion Architecture (MUFA) for controlling the navigation of a tele-commanded Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV). The architecture combines ideas derived from the fundamental concepts of sensor fusion and distributed intelligence. The focus of the work is the development of an intelligent navigation system for a tricycle drive AGV with the ability to move autonomously within any office enviromnent, following instructions issued by client stations connected to the office network and reacting accordingly to different situations found in the real world. The modules which integrate the MUFA architecture are discussed and results of some simulation experiments are presented.
Keywords: Sistemas autônomos
Computação móvel
Production unit: Instituto Tércio Pacitti de Aplicações e Pesquisas Computacionais
In: Relatório Técnico NCE
Issue: 0699
Issue Date: 31-Dec-1999
Publisher country: Brasil
Language: eng
Right access: Acesso Aberto
Citation: AUDE, E. P. L. et al. CONTROLAB MUFA: a multi-level fusion architecture for intelligent navigation of a telerobot. Rio de Janeiro: NCE, UFRJ, 2006. 18 p. (Relatório Técnico, 0/99)
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