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Type: Trabalho de conclusão de graduação
Title: Análise da anisotropia de velocidade elástica de rochas reservatórios e sua correlação com a permeabilidade
Author(s)/Inventor(s): Oliveira, Juliana Raimundo
Advisor: Borges, Andrea Ferreira
Abstract: As the oil industry develops, is increasingly necessary to find effective techniques, but simple and cheap to characterize rocks’ properties in the subsurface. Different methods were compared from previous studies in order to prove their efficiency. This study aims to conduct the analysis of elastic anisotropy of carbonate reservoir rocks in the Campos Basin through the measurements obtained by a tomography equipment. The equipment consists of two piezoelectric transducers that emit and capture electrical signals and then measure the transit time of the compressional wave through the rock. To study rocks’ elastic velocity anisotropy the factors that influence the elastic wave propagation must be taken into consideration, such as mineral composition and arrangement, porosity, saturation, temperature and pressure exerted on the rock. Besides this, a qualitative correlation of elastic anisotropy and permeability was made based on previous studies. It is becoming increasingly important in the study of reservoir rock to estimate the permeability anisotropy based on other rock properties. It was not possible determine the direction of maximum horizontal stress for these samples because they are not oriented. It is recommended future confection of petrographic thin section to characterize samples and observe the presence and orientation of microcracks in addition to this study. Permeability tests should also be made to validate the conclusions of this study.
Keywords: Ondas elásticas
Production unit: Instituto de Geociências
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher country: Brasil
Language: por
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